Friday, March 18, 2011

東松島市/Update from Higashi Matsushima city


@hosininegaio127: 東松島市矢本一中夜バナナ一本だったそうです。カイロもやっともらえたとか。テレビでは物資が山積みに届いてるのを見るのにちゃんと避難者にはあたっていない。姉と姪っ子たちがんばってます。物資を届けてください。
11-3-18 東松島市地震情報まとめ 

@hosininegaio127: Evacuees in Higashi Matsushima city was distributed one banana. People finally received arm patch. TV is showing all the relief supplies that are stacked on top of another but they are not distributed to the people who really need them. Please deliver the supply to the people.
3/18/11 Higashi matsushima city Earthquake information center

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