Friday, March 18, 2011

みなさん読んでください / Please read




2011-03-18 17:06:42 茨城高1   大島ゆう子オフィシャルブログコメント欄5095

Ibaragi prefecture has been taken lightly during the disaster relief but my house was hit by two trucks which were carried away by Tsunami waves. I was finally able to get hold of my parents yesterday. We still have no water. Also due to the concern reg. Fukushima nuclear power plant, there are a lot of evacuees from Fukushima but we have very little food and gasoline to support everyone.

We have not had food for last two days.

We are still surviving. We are happy that we are still surviving. There are a lot of people who did not make it. There are many elderly people who are barely surviving next to us.

We have no medicine… but we will first need food. We will also need gasoline to transport food. It's not only me but everyone is going through this pain.

Please consider caring for a larger area who have suffered from this disaster.

One life is as important as the one next to it…
3/18/11 by Ibaragi high school via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 5095)

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