Friday, March 18, 2011

"福島県いわき市/Fukushima prefacture, Iwaki city"


岩 手や宮城に比べると、被災は少ないです。しかし、震度6の地震、津波、せっかく助かった命も寒さで絶えて生きつつあります。避難したくてもできない人がた くさんいる、田舎だけどいわきを愛してる人がたくさんいます、みんな給水所や避難所で励ましあいながら頑張っています!どうか見捨てないでほしい! 』
2011-03-18 みんみん via 神田うのオフィシャルブログ コメント欄858
"I am a resident of Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture. Due to harmful rumors reg. the impact of nuclear plant radiation, we have not received any supplies. I have heard that even truck drivers are saying that they do not want to deliver goods to Iwaki city. We are 50km away from nuclear power plant... the impact of radiation... it is frightening to everyone but Iwaki is still alive.

Compared to Iwate or Miyagi, our damage are smaller... but the lives that have escaped from the earthquake and tsunami are starting to diminish... There are many people who want to evacuate but can't. We are from the country side but there are a lot of people who love Iwaki. We are doing our best to encourage each other at water distribution areas and evacuation center. Please do not give up hope on us."
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