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だからお願いです…どうか…助けてください…。 』
2011-03-18 16:19:39 美雨 via 大島ゆう子オフィシャルブログコメント欄5090

"I am 16 years old and currently living in Fukushima.
My family was safe from the earthquake but we have very little food. All the shops only have can coffee or chewing gums.

We were told not to go out but we need to get out of the house to to survive… to get water from water distribution center and look for foods at any open stores.

We have been outside even after the radiation warning has been announced so we might already ben exposed to the radiation.

Is it right for people who are delivering relief supply to turn around before they reach the city because they are afraid of the radiation? We can not escape like them because we have no gas to drive our cars. We can not leave our house.

We are the ones who are afraid of nuclear power plant explosion. We are the ones who want to escape. We also don't want to die. Please do not abandon Fukushima prefecture. We are still alive just like you.

So please. Please help us."
3/18/11 Misame via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 5090)

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