Friday, March 18, 2011

"伝えて下さい / Please share..."

いわき市だけではないですがいわき市には物質やガソリンが届いてません。ガソリンがないと避難したくてもで きない。物質がないと生きていけない。お願いします伝えて下さい。それだけでいい伝えて下さい。見捨てないで 福島県から避難してきた人を被爆者などの扱いしないで下さい。優しくむかえてください。1人でも多くを助けて下さい 』
2011-03-18 13:57:14   ゆう  via くわばたりえオフィシャルブログ、コメント欄147

"Fukushima prefecture is threatened by invisible terror.
It's not only Iwaki city but no goods/gasoline have been delivered to Iwaki city since the disaster. It is impossible to evacuate from the threat of nuclear radiation without cars and fuel to drive cars. We can not survive without food. Please pass this message to others. Please share what is happening here to rest of the world. Please don't abandon us. Please do not label victims who have evacuated from Fukushima prefecture as nuclear power plant victims. Please welcome them with kindness... please save more people even just one... "
3/18/11 by Yuu Kuwabata Rie official blog (comment 147)

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