Friday, March 18, 2011

"地獄… /Hell..."





長 年この世界で生きていますから、テレビの裏も表も、良いところも悪いところも、大体わかります。仕事が延期になり、終日地震報道を見ていましたが、やはり そうでした。画面に映し出されるのは、恐怖シーンと感動シーンばかり。冷徹な目で現実を見つめても、それらは番組にならなかったり、放送コードに引っか かったりするんです。大体、撮影クルーが入れる、比較的安全な場所の映像しか、テレビで見ることは出来ないと思って間違いありません。でも、様々な材料か ら、現実を想像することは出来ます。想像力を精一杯働かせて、自分達に何が出来るか、何をすべきか、しっかり考えましょう。



 2011-03-15 22:49:30 地獄…

"It's hell here, Tatsumi-san."
I had a phone call from my friend in Ishimaki.  I was worried about his safety.

Since I was working for a TV program that supported Tohoku region, I have many friends who have suffered from the disaster. I was worried and frustrated by the fact that I couldn't do anything to help. I hesitated to blog for a while as well. But that's not right! I woke up by my friend's message.

"Please spread the word about this situation. There are dead bodies everywhere. People are staying in evacuation center but they have no food… children are starving to death. Please help Tatsumi-san."

I have been in this industry for long enough to be aware of both good and bad. After the disaster, mass media has been only showing the most horrifying images and the glimpse of miracle.  The truth about what has really happened has not made it to the program or gotten restrained by media code. Please know that areas where film crews could enter and the scene you could watch on TV were relatively safe places.  But we can imagine the reality by finding information from different sources. Let's expand our imagination and really think of what each of us can do.

Soon the news about this disaster will flood various magazines. I expect to see many more cruel reality in those magazines as photography… something you did not see on TV. The real hardship has not even started. We don't even know the real scope of the damage.  We have to think of the way to support our long-term recovery process.

What is going to happen to this country? It seems as if Japanese people's  courage and morality is tested.

I pray for those victims who have lost their lives."

3/15/11 Hell by Tatsumi Takuro

Update (3/18/11): I have read a comment on other blog which mentioned that people in this city are just getting some relief supply today.

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