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石巻赤十字病院 /SOS from Ishimaki Red Cross Hospital


retweet based on the report from 石巻赤十字病院  3/18/11 (18:00)

There is a desperate report that they need food for patients (1500 food) at Ishimaki Red Cross Hospital. Please send cup noodle, instant food, medical supplies as well as donation. Please send supplies directly to Mr. Tanaka at Kokushikan University. We have a team of volunteers who will personally deliver the goods to the location. Phone: 0423-39-7323

retweet based on the report from Ishimaki Red Cross Hospital on 3/18/11 6pm

Friday, March 18, 2011

"地獄… /Hell..."





長 年この世界で生きていますから、テレビの裏も表も、良いところも悪いところも、大体わかります。仕事が延期になり、終日地震報道を見ていましたが、やはり そうでした。画面に映し出されるのは、恐怖シーンと感動シーンばかり。冷徹な目で現実を見つめても、それらは番組にならなかったり、放送コードに引っか かったりするんです。大体、撮影クルーが入れる、比較的安全な場所の映像しか、テレビで見ることは出来ないと思って間違いありません。でも、様々な材料か ら、現実を想像することは出来ます。想像力を精一杯働かせて、自分達に何が出来るか、何をすべきか、しっかり考えましょう。



 2011-03-15 22:49:30 地獄…

"It's hell here, Tatsumi-san."
I had a phone call from my friend in Ishimaki.  I was worried about his safety.

Since I was working for a TV program that supported Tohoku region, I have many friends who have suffered from the disaster. I was worried and frustrated by the fact that I couldn't do anything to help. I hesitated to blog for a while as well. But that's not right! I woke up by my friend's message.

"Please spread the word about this situation. There are dead bodies everywhere. People are staying in evacuation center but they have no food… children are starving to death. Please help Tatsumi-san."

I have been in this industry for long enough to be aware of both good and bad. After the disaster, mass media has been only showing the most horrifying images and the glimpse of miracle.  The truth about what has really happened has not made it to the program or gotten restrained by media code. Please know that areas where film crews could enter and the scene you could watch on TV were relatively safe places.  But we can imagine the reality by finding information from different sources. Let's expand our imagination and really think of what each of us can do.

Soon the news about this disaster will flood various magazines. I expect to see many more cruel reality in those magazines as photography… something you did not see on TV. The real hardship has not even started. We don't even know the real scope of the damage.  We have to think of the way to support our long-term recovery process.

What is going to happen to this country? It seems as if Japanese people's  courage and morality is tested.

I pray for those victims who have lost their lives."

3/15/11 Hell by Tatsumi Takuro

Update (3/18/11): I have read a comment on other blog which mentioned that people in this city are just getting some relief supply today.

福島県より/ From Fukushima prefecture


お願いします、放射能の危険を顧みず寝ずに作業している原発社員の為にも、どうか福島にライフラインと希望の光をお願いします。 』
2011-03-17 17:55:59  マキ  辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 461

"I am one of the victims. Fukushima is isolated due to the effect of radiation from the nuclear power plant. There is no sign of relief supply nor gasoline that is getting delivered. Also having no access to water is making things more difficult.

Please. Please bring lifeline and hope to the people in Fukushima and the people who are trying to stop nuclear power plants in Fukushima."
3/17/11 Maki via via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 461)

"お願いします!/Please help"


一刻も早く被災地にガソリンを、食料を届けてください。お願いします。 』
2011-03-17 20:03:18  あいこ via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 483

"My boyfriend is living in Miyagi prefecture.
Luckily his house was okay but they are starting to run out of the food. They are having difficult time getting out to grocery shopping because there is no gas for the car. He told me that it is better than being in the evacuation center but lack of food is not the problem that happens only at evacuation center. We want to send some food to him but they have no idea when our shipment would arrive.

Please deliver food and gas to the affected area as quickly as possible. Please."
3/17/11 Aiko via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 421)

みなさん読んでください / Please read




2011-03-18 17:06:42 茨城高1   大島ゆう子オフィシャルブログコメント欄5095

Ibaragi prefecture has been taken lightly during the disaster relief but my house was hit by two trucks which were carried away by Tsunami waves. I was finally able to get hold of my parents yesterday. We still have no water. Also due to the concern reg. Fukushima nuclear power plant, there are a lot of evacuees from Fukushima but we have very little food and gasoline to support everyone.

We have not had food for last two days.

We are still surviving. We are happy that we are still surviving. There are a lot of people who did not make it. There are many elderly people who are barely surviving next to us.

We have no medicine… but we will first need food. We will also need gasoline to transport food. It's not only me but everyone is going through this pain.

Please consider caring for a larger area who have suffered from this disaster.

One life is as important as the one next to it…
3/18/11 by Ibaragi high school via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 5095)









だからお願いです…どうか…助けてください…。 』
2011-03-18 16:19:39 美雨 via 大島ゆう子オフィシャルブログコメント欄5090

"I am 16 years old and currently living in Fukushima.
My family was safe from the earthquake but we have very little food. All the shops only have can coffee or chewing gums.

We were told not to go out but we need to get out of the house to to survive… to get water from water distribution center and look for foods at any open stores.

We have been outside even after the radiation warning has been announced so we might already ben exposed to the radiation.

Is it right for people who are delivering relief supply to turn around before they reach the city because they are afraid of the radiation? We can not escape like them because we have no gas to drive our cars. We can not leave our house.

We are the ones who are afraid of nuclear power plant explosion. We are the ones who want to escape. We also don't want to die. Please do not abandon Fukushima prefecture. We are still alive just like you.

So please. Please help us."
3/18/11 Misame via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 5090)

"朗報! 東松島市 / Good news Higashi Matsushima city"

『soshiyamaguchi‎ :朗報! 東松島市 市役所周辺 電気が開通したそうです! また、物資配給時間をお知らせする車も走り出したそうです。 これで徐々に治安も回復して行くでしょう。
11-3-18  コメント欄からの転載です

"Good news. Electricity has been turned on around the city hall in Higashi Matsushima city. Also they have started to drive a car to notify residents about relief supply distribution schedule. This will help bring more order to the city. "
3/18/11 Forward from comment 

東松島市/Update from Higashi Matsushima city


@hosininegaio127: 東松島市矢本一中夜バナナ一本だったそうです。カイロもやっともらえたとか。テレビでは物資が山積みに届いてるのを見るのにちゃんと避難者にはあたっていない。姉と姪っ子たちがんばってます。物資を届けてください。
11-3-18 東松島市地震情報まとめ 

@hosininegaio127: Evacuees in Higashi Matsushima city was distributed one banana. People finally received arm patch. TV is showing all the relief supplies that are stacked on top of another but they are not distributed to the people who really need them. Please deliver the supply to the people.
3/18/11 Higashi matsushima city Earthquake information center

"助けて下さい!/ Please help"

『【至急拡散希望!】宮城県の亘理小学校で物資不足深刻化。一つのおにぎりを4人で分けて、それが一日の食料です!水ガスも全くありません! 避難民600人です!拡散して情報を伝えて下さい!お願いします!〒989-2351 宮城県亘理郡亘理町字下小路22-2です


2011-03-17 17:53:00 現場からの声

"[Please spread this urgent story] Food/relief supply is lacking at Watari elementary school in Miyagi prefecture. We are dividing one rice ball into four people and that's our food for a day. There is no gas nor food. We have 600 evacuees. Please spread this word.

update: this story was forwarded to a person who works for a relief aid. They tried to call elementary school directly but did not get connected. He will personally provide confirmation when he confirms the supply delivery."

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"■●至急●緊急事態● / Immediately! Emergency!!"



自衛隊などのへの連絡もおねがいします。 』

2011-03-17 19:33:07 あい via 大島ゆうこオフィシャルブログ コメント欄3664

"I live in Iwaki city.
Even though I want to evacuate, there is no gasoline to fuel our cars in Iwaki city.

I have two children - two years old and one year old. My one year old has high fever. Even though I want take him to the hospital, I can not mobilize ourselves. He stopped eating any food and his body is starting to weaken. I can not find any doctors nor police officers in the city. We run out of food and water.

I have no means to wash baby bottle so it is starting to smell really bad. News reporters have mentioned that Iwaki city is already toxic from nuclear radiation so we have not see any reporters nor food distribution.

Even though the radiation level is still safe for the human body, some TV have mentioned not to enter Iwaki city. Do I need to wait until my child dies from hunger while the rest of the world is confused by miscommunication of mass media about radiation?

People who are reading this post, I will be so glad if you could please share the story that Iwaki city needs gasoline, food and items for infants.  Please copy this message and share this story with wider community.

I have made few phone calls but I was told that they can not come in the city. Are we going to be abandoned? Please rescue at least children. Please save the lives that can be rescued. Please help so that we don't lose the lives of children.

Please send this information to Japanese self-defense force."

3/17/11 あい via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 3664)

"知人のブログから… / from my friend's blog"









お願いします… 』
2011-03-17 14:20:40 あゆみ via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 421

"Iwaki city has accepted thousands of victims even though the city itself has impacted by disasters. However there is no delivery of relief supply.

Infants are close to be starving to death without formula. 
We still have no water; however, there if no fuel for trucks so we can not mobilize water delivery truck. 

We have nothing.

We have no heater so the evacuation center is very cold.... If we get cold, we have no cold medicine to treat it. 

It seems like there are supplies coming into Miyagi prefecture and Iwate prefecture. Please help."
3/17/11 Ayumi via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 421)
『宮城県東松島市 旧矢本~鳴瀬町地区はまったく物資がきていません。電話もつながらず餓死寸前です。助けて。 』
2011-03-17 17:42:55  みわ via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 454


"Higashi Matsushima city in Miyagi prefecture area has not received any relief supplies. Phone line does not work and we are starving to death. Please help."
3/17/11 17:42:55  みわ via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 454)

"皆様へ伝えて下さい / Please spread the truth"

『TVでは同じ避難所ばかり放映されていますが、実際は病院やお寺等にも避難してる方々がたくさんいるのに、そちらへは救援物資も食料も届いてません。放映 されてる小学校にでさえ、窓は割れ、ストーブが1個も無い現状。宮城の都市ガスは壊滅的で復旧の目処がたたず、家に避難している私達もお風呂も入れま せん。食料調達も毎日大変で、私は11歳の子供と2人暮らしですが、家があっても仕事の目処もたたず、お金も底をつき、食料&消耗品の調達も困 難、救援物資等の支給もうけられず、大変苦しいです。 』
2011-03-18 01:04:40 水色 via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 546

"On TV they are only showing larger evacuation center over and over. The truth is that many people have evacuated in the neighborhood hospitals, and temples; though, no relief supplies have reached those locations. Even the elementary school that are shown as evacuation center on TV has broken windows without any heating devices. Gas line in Miyagi prefecture is completely destroyed and have no clear dates when we will have gas again. I have found a shelter in my house with 11 year old child but there is no water to wash ourselves. We have a house as a shelter but don't have any further plan for a job, income. We are having hard time finding food and consumable goods. It is very difficult to get by without receiving any relief supplies."
3/18/11 Mizuiro via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 546)

"石巻が実家です/ My family lives in Ishimaki, Miyagi prefecture"

多分辰巳さんの話は悲しいけど本当です。石巻は本当に悲惨な状態です。どうか助けてあげてください。避難所にいても何日も食べていないとかザラなんです。遺体の話も本当だと思います。どうか石巻を助けてください。 』
2011-03-19 00:47:34  by 54473 via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄602

"I have spoken to my parents and friends who are still in Ishimaki city, Miyagi prefecture.
Most likely your story [Tatsumi Takuro's blog post, "Hell..." posted on 3/15] is true. It is really devastating in the area. Please provide help. Many people have not had any food even though they are in the evacuation center... The story about abandoned dead bodies that are left everywhere in the city is probably true. Please help Ishimaki city."

3/19/11  by 54473 via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 602)

"伝えて下さい / Please share..."

いわき市だけではないですがいわき市には物質やガソリンが届いてません。ガソリンがないと避難したくてもで きない。物質がないと生きていけない。お願いします伝えて下さい。それだけでいい伝えて下さい。見捨てないで 福島県から避難してきた人を被爆者などの扱いしないで下さい。優しくむかえてください。1人でも多くを助けて下さい 』
2011-03-18 13:57:14   ゆう  via くわばたりえオフィシャルブログ、コメント欄147

"Fukushima prefecture is threatened by invisible terror.
It's not only Iwaki city but no goods/gasoline have been delivered to Iwaki city since the disaster. It is impossible to evacuate from the threat of nuclear radiation without cars and fuel to drive cars. We can not survive without food. Please pass this message to others. Please share what is happening here to rest of the world. Please don't abandon us. Please do not label victims who have evacuated from Fukushima prefecture as nuclear power plant victims. Please welcome them with kindness... please save more people even just one... "
3/18/11 by Yuu Kuwabata Rie official blog (comment 147)

"ありがとうございます / Thank you so much for giving me a hope"

ガソリンもなく下手に動けません、どうしたらいいのか分かりませんが、うのさんの記事を拝見し、希望を捨てずに頑張ろうと思います。 』
2011-03-18 15:35:3  のん via 神田うのオフィシャルブログ コメント欄841

"I am a victim in Fukushima. It has been emotionally difficult to deal with Nuclear power plant situation. We are not in the evacuation area yet but many of my neighbors have moved away.

We don't have gasoline and can not mobilize ourselves. I don't know what to do but I read your blog post (Uno Kanda's blog post) and was encouraged not to lose hope. "
3/18/11 by Non via Kanda Uno Official Blog Comment 841


福島県いわき市を、どうか助けて下さい。 』

2011-03-18 17:10:21  ☆HARUMI☆ via 神田うのオフィシャルブログ コメント欄868

"I live in Iwaki-city, Fukushima prefecture.
We are still holding up without water and gas.
Food situation is also exceptional. So many people after people after people...
There is no way we could purchase food with that many people wanting them.
Please help Iwaki-city, Fukushima prefecture"

3/18/11 by ☆HARUMI☆Kanda Uno Official Blog Comment 868

"福島県いわき市/Fukushima prefacture, Iwaki city"


岩 手や宮城に比べると、被災は少ないです。しかし、震度6の地震、津波、せっかく助かった命も寒さで絶えて生きつつあります。避難したくてもできない人がた くさんいる、田舎だけどいわきを愛してる人がたくさんいます、みんな給水所や避難所で励ましあいながら頑張っています!どうか見捨てないでほしい! 』
2011-03-18 みんみん via 神田うのオフィシャルブログ コメント欄858
"I am a resident of Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture. Due to harmful rumors reg. the impact of nuclear plant radiation, we have not received any supplies. I have heard that even truck drivers are saying that they do not want to deliver goods to Iwaki city. We are 50km away from nuclear power plant... the impact of radiation... it is frightening to everyone but Iwaki is still alive.

Compared to Iwate or Miyagi, our damage are smaller... but the lives that have escaped from the earthquake and tsunami are starting to diminish... There are many people who want to evacuate but can't. We are from the country side but there are a lot of people who love Iwaki. We are doing our best to encourage each other at water distribution areas and evacuation center. Please do not give up hope on us."
posted on 3/18/11 by Min Min via Kanda Uno Official Blog Comment 858

"被災者です/i am one of the disaster victims"

『やっとブログを見れました。仙台市なのですが、電気・水道・ガスが止まったままです。ミルクが足りないです。避難所に掛け合ってミルクを要請してもらって ますが駄目です。テレビで映し出されている避難所は大きい所ですが、小さい地域の避難所も沢山ありますし、そこは物資が足りない状況です。ミルクを求めて る人が結構います。もっと乳幼児の対応も考えて欲しいです。早くミルクを!!
2011-03-16  SNOOPY02 via くわばたりえオフィシャルブログ、コメント279

"I can finally view blogs now. I am from Sendai city. Electricity, water and gas still does not work here. Formula for baby is very scarce. I asked to get more formula at the evacuation center but it did not work.

TV reporters are mainly broadcasting about large evacuation centers but there are a many small evacuation centers that are lacking emergency supplies. There are many moms who are asking for baby formula. Please consider needs of infants... please provide more milk."
posted on 3/16/11 by Snoopy02 via Kuwabata Rie official blog (comment 279)