Friday, March 18, 2011

"■●至急●緊急事態● / Immediately! Emergency!!"



自衛隊などのへの連絡もおねがいします。 』

2011-03-17 19:33:07 あい via 大島ゆうこオフィシャルブログ コメント欄3664

"I live in Iwaki city.
Even though I want to evacuate, there is no gasoline to fuel our cars in Iwaki city.

I have two children - two years old and one year old. My one year old has high fever. Even though I want take him to the hospital, I can not mobilize ourselves. He stopped eating any food and his body is starting to weaken. I can not find any doctors nor police officers in the city. We run out of food and water.

I have no means to wash baby bottle so it is starting to smell really bad. News reporters have mentioned that Iwaki city is already toxic from nuclear radiation so we have not see any reporters nor food distribution.

Even though the radiation level is still safe for the human body, some TV have mentioned not to enter Iwaki city. Do I need to wait until my child dies from hunger while the rest of the world is confused by miscommunication of mass media about radiation?

People who are reading this post, I will be so glad if you could please share the story that Iwaki city needs gasoline, food and items for infants.  Please copy this message and share this story with wider community.

I have made few phone calls but I was told that they can not come in the city. Are we going to be abandoned? Please rescue at least children. Please save the lives that can be rescued. Please help so that we don't lose the lives of children.

Please send this information to Japanese self-defense force."

3/17/11 あい via Yuko Oshima official blog (comment 3664)

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