Friday, March 18, 2011

"皆様へ伝えて下さい / Please spread the truth"

『TVでは同じ避難所ばかり放映されていますが、実際は病院やお寺等にも避難してる方々がたくさんいるのに、そちらへは救援物資も食料も届いてません。放映 されてる小学校にでさえ、窓は割れ、ストーブが1個も無い現状。宮城の都市ガスは壊滅的で復旧の目処がたたず、家に避難している私達もお風呂も入れま せん。食料調達も毎日大変で、私は11歳の子供と2人暮らしですが、家があっても仕事の目処もたたず、お金も底をつき、食料&消耗品の調達も困 難、救援物資等の支給もうけられず、大変苦しいです。 』
2011-03-18 01:04:40 水色 via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄 546

"On TV they are only showing larger evacuation center over and over. The truth is that many people have evacuated in the neighborhood hospitals, and temples; though, no relief supplies have reached those locations. Even the elementary school that are shown as evacuation center on TV has broken windows without any heating devices. Gas line in Miyagi prefecture is completely destroyed and have no clear dates when we will have gas again. I have found a shelter in my house with 11 year old child but there is no water to wash ourselves. We have a house as a shelter but don't have any further plan for a job, income. We are having hard time finding food and consumable goods. It is very difficult to get by without receiving any relief supplies."
3/18/11 Mizuiro via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 546)

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