Friday, March 18, 2011

"助けて下さい!/ Please help"

『【至急拡散希望!】宮城県の亘理小学校で物資不足深刻化。一つのおにぎりを4人で分けて、それが一日の食料です!水ガスも全くありません! 避難民600人です!拡散して情報を伝えて下さい!お願いします!〒989-2351 宮城県亘理郡亘理町字下小路22-2です


2011-03-17 17:53:00 現場からの声

"[Please spread this urgent story] Food/relief supply is lacking at Watari elementary school in Miyagi prefecture. We are dividing one rice ball into four people and that's our food for a day. There is no gas nor food. We have 600 evacuees. Please spread this word.

update: this story was forwarded to a person who works for a relief aid. They tried to call elementary school directly but did not get connected. He will personally provide confirmation when he confirms the supply delivery."

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