Friday, March 18, 2011

"被災者です/i am one of the disaster victims"

『やっとブログを見れました。仙台市なのですが、電気・水道・ガスが止まったままです。ミルクが足りないです。避難所に掛け合ってミルクを要請してもらって ますが駄目です。テレビで映し出されている避難所は大きい所ですが、小さい地域の避難所も沢山ありますし、そこは物資が足りない状況です。ミルクを求めて る人が結構います。もっと乳幼児の対応も考えて欲しいです。早くミルクを!!
2011-03-16  SNOOPY02 via くわばたりえオフィシャルブログ、コメント279

"I can finally view blogs now. I am from Sendai city. Electricity, water and gas still does not work here. Formula for baby is very scarce. I asked to get more formula at the evacuation center but it did not work.

TV reporters are mainly broadcasting about large evacuation centers but there are a many small evacuation centers that are lacking emergency supplies. There are many moms who are asking for baby formula. Please consider needs of infants... please provide more milk."
posted on 3/16/11 by Snoopy02 via Kuwabata Rie official blog (comment 279)

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