Friday, March 18, 2011

"石巻が実家です/ My family lives in Ishimaki, Miyagi prefecture"

多分辰巳さんの話は悲しいけど本当です。石巻は本当に悲惨な状態です。どうか助けてあげてください。避難所にいても何日も食べていないとかザラなんです。遺体の話も本当だと思います。どうか石巻を助けてください。 』
2011-03-19 00:47:34  by 54473 via 辰巳琢郎オフィシャルブログコメント欄602

"I have spoken to my parents and friends who are still in Ishimaki city, Miyagi prefecture.
Most likely your story [Tatsumi Takuro's blog post, "Hell..." posted on 3/15] is true. It is really devastating in the area. Please provide help. Many people have not had any food even though they are in the evacuation center... The story about abandoned dead bodies that are left everywhere in the city is probably true. Please help Ishimaki city."

3/19/11  by 54473 via Tatsumi Takuro's official blog (comment 602)

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